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Introducing the Shellback Bike to Work backpack

This is the world’s only backpack designed for bike to work commuters and will transport your attire to the office crease-free.  Dozens of other unique and bike-friendly features make this bag truly the ultimate bike to work accessory.


OUR mission

GrüneStrasse produces all-weather, safety-enhanced backpacks for fearless Bike to Work and Micromobility commuters. 

Why GrüneStrasse Backpacks?



“As a bicycle commuter, I am stymied by my inability to find a reliable way to transport my business attire from home to the office.  I want to easily pack up my office clothes without a lot of folding and re-packing and get out the door to my bike without a bunch of extra steps.  When I get to the office, I want rapidly clean up and get into my business attire easily—everything I need is with me in the locker room.”

Rollin B

Vienna, VA

“On first inspection, I was awed by the design detail. It has so many well thought out pockets to keep everything from sagging to the bottom of the bag. Interior is light colored making finding small items easy. I especially like the easy to reach cellphone and wallet pouches. The pack felt comfortable the moment I put it on. With it packed and on the bike, the backpack rested comfortably on my hips with no weight on my shoulders. The top of the pack swayed controllably and slightly while I rode. The shape of the pack allowed plenty air across my back. Easily the most comfortable pack I’ve ever wore. Great design!”

Mark K

Washington, DC

“When I started using the GrüneStrasse bag it changed my whole bike commuting experience and made me realize I have been putting up with other backpacks and messenger bags that were not designed for what I needed. The GrüneStrasse bag is designed perfectly for the bike commuter – with pockets and compartments designed for clothes, laptop/folders, shoes, phone, and much more.  I’ll never go back.  Thanks GrüneStrasse!”  

Jon G



“I typically use pannier bags to transport my items to and from work. I was a bit concerned about using this pack on such a long trek for my first try; I am happy to report that all went well and there was no shifting, sagging, pinching, or any other typical downsides of a backpack on a bike ride. Even on climbs when I’d jump out of the saddle the pack stayed in place and didn’t swing me to one side. A great benefit to this over pannier bags is that the load is always even. The amount of thought put into the pack is incredible. I like the fact that the shoe pouch can be pulled inside out, for easier cleaning and I used the loop on the back to attach an extra tail-light. Safety first! I’m very impressed by the amount of detail placed into the pack and how it fits so well into being used for commuting. The way in which it lays out completely open for packing makes life a lot easier because I am able to see with a quick glance whether or not I did pack something instead of second-guessing myself. This also makes readying myself a lot quicker because I am able to see exactly where everything is and don’t need to dig around the bottom of a black pit for it.”


Holland, MI

“I commute 25 miles and have to wear a shirt and tie at work. I was constantly was trying to coordinate a drop off of dress attire and food at work. It was just easier to get in the car.

No more! Not only does the bag have plenty of room for my work wardrobe, but I found it to be a “to do” list of sorts. As I go through the bag, it all but tells me what to put in each section. Today, I literally would have forgotten my dress shoes had I not checked the section designed for shoes. Another unexpected bonus was the fit. Most bags I use end up being a stuff sack (2 laptops, dress clothes, lunch, 2 cell phones, chords, shoes, etc.). When I put on the Shellback, it felt like a hug as opposed to sacrificing my body for commuter credibility. This bag is a game changer. I haven’t driven my car to work since I got it! “

Shawn H

Santa Barbara

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