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When Your Bicycle Becomes Your Vehicle

When Your Bicycle Becomes Your Vehicle

GrüneStrasse’s Shellback6 looks at creating a bicycle lifestyle in a three-part series. The first installment deals with transportation options between backpack and panniers, particularly on how it affects a bike to work commute.

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What Comes First:  The Bike Commuter or Bike Infrastructure?

What Comes First: The Bike Commuter or Bike Infrastructure?

Do riders emerge because the route to work is safer, or does the route become safer because Bike to Work commuters demand it? The answer depends on the region of the country, workplace, locker-room facilities, tax or commuter incentives, distance to work, and individual variables. It also depends on what country you’re in. Twenty years ago, the United Kingdom embarked on a nation plan to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce or eliminate vehicles at city centers, and increase bicycle ridership. The UK model was series of laws that heavily taxed vehicle usage, provided subsidies for bicycle ridership, and improved infrastructure to change the commuting behaviors of Britons. The United States, consistent with its decentralized nature, has used federal grants to support local initiatives to improve or construct bicycle and public transit infrastructure.

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Bike Lanes Bring Bucks to Businesses

A recent Portland State University study confirmed what active bikers and small business owners have known for years—Bikers Bring Bucks to Business. According to a paper released last week, “bicycle lanes can actually improve business. At worst, the negative impact on sales and employment is minimal.” Researchers found that installation of bicycle lanes had either positive or non-significant impacts on sales and employment.

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16 Tips for your First Bike to Work Adventure

Congratulations on deciding to become a fearless Bike to Work Commuter! In addition to getting outside and improving your physical health, you will improve your mental health and perhaps save some money in the process. If this is your first time biking to work or need a refresher, please see our 16 tips to help you start biking to work. Well done and Win the Race!

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Spring Break 2020 Edition: Impact of COVID-19 on Our Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic is the ultimate disruptor, upending our daily routine and significantly changing the environment in cities around the world. Many major cities are de-emphasizing the automobile and using the existing transportation infrastructure to support bicycles and other forms of micromobility while the halt to vehicular traffic and manufacturing has resulted in dramatically cleaner air after only a couple of days.

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Biking to Work Improves Health and Increases Lifespan

Biking to work may reduce mortality by 13%, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand. The study examined the transportation habits of 3.5 million New Zealanders and demonstrated a strong correlation between cycling and...

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