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GrüneStrasse’s Shellback backpack is the hand-crafted Bike to Work backpack of choice for commuters. The Shellback was 111% funded on Kickstarter in only 19 days and is produced in small batches.



Thank you to our backers for making our Kickstarter Campaign a huge success.  

111% Funded in 19 days!

Designed by and for bike commuters

The GrüneStrasse’s Shellback backpack stores the entirety of your one-day business wardrobe.  The Shellback is used for bicycle commuters who demand simplicity, organization, and protection.




Advantages and Benefits


  • Increases the number of days you can commute to work by bike
  • Transports your work attire crease-free
  • Simplifies preparation for departure
  • Organizes accessories, toiletries, and other work essentials
  • Increases safety while riding to and from work
  • Protects from inclement weather and moisture
  • Promotes bicycle usage and the Bike-to-Work movement; thereby reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
  • Contributes to personal health


    COlor and size Options
    • Morning Departure Black
    • Summer Solstice Blue
    • Home At Sunset Red

    The Shellback is offered in two sizes:

    • Shellback 35  Commuters sized between 5’9 – 6’2
    • Shellback 27  Commuters sized between 5’1 – 5’9
    • Removable Tri-Fold Garment Sleeve
    • PU-treated highly water-resistant fabric
    • Waterproof, reflective rain poncho
    • Air Max Ventilation and Support System
    • Ruggedized Grab Handle
    • Hypalon LED light loop
    • Reinforced padding on shoulder and chest straps
    • Customized Zip Pulls
    • Waterproofed Laptop Compartment with padded sleeve
    • Waterproof phone and accessory pockets on waste strap
    • Hydration Pack Ready for 1.0L Water Bladder
    • Adjustable hip, shoulder, and chest straps
    • Bike repair pocket
    • Carry-on compliant with all major airlines
    • GrüneStrasse Dual-Utility Hanger
    • Water-proof rain cover

    Are you a details person who needs to know more? Click the Features button below for an in-depth tutorial on how the Shellback champions the Bike to Work commuter.

    Available Color Options
    Sizing Chart

    To determine which pack is right for you, check out our helpful sizing guide. If you still are uncertain, contact us below for help!

    tri-fold garment system

    GrüneStrasse designed the Shellback’s Tri-Fold Garment System to meet the specific utility of Bike-to-Work Commuters.  The Dual-Utility Hanger allows the commuter to take their work attire directly from the closet and clip it into the Shellback Garment Sleeve. Upon reaching your destination, the Garment Sleeve is easily unpacked and can be hung by its external hanger until the rider’s locker room transition is complete. To pack casual attire, simply remove the Garment Sleeve and stow your attire in the Garment Module where it will remain dry, folded, and crease-free.

    Tri-fold garment system

      The Tri-fold Garment System consists of a Dual Utility Hangers, a Garment Sleeve, and the Garment Storage Module.

      The Shellback’s Dual-Utility Hanger allows the commuter to take their work attire directly from the closet and clip it into the Shellback garment bag.  Engineered from a lightweight thermoplastic that is both strong and flexible, this hanger will get your clothes from the closet to the locker room and back again.

      The Garment Sleeve is designed to carry a one-day wardrobe and fold compactly—and crease-free—into the Shellback. Consisting of a tri-fold design and a center zip closure, the Garment Sleeve includes a female plastic connector for GrüneStrasse hangers and a reinforced external hook for hanging garments in when you reach your destination.

      The Garment Storage Module is engineered to travel with the Garment Sleeve for professional attire or without when packing easy-fold casual attire. This features allows  you to easily alternate between professional and casual attire depending on the needs of the day.

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