The Story of a Family-Run Company based in Holland, Michigan

Ethically, Morally & Environmentally focused

We have Near-Zero Waste Ethos + Donate a portion of profits to environmental causes.

Enhancing Personal & Global Health

A 25-mile bike ride burns about 1,300 calories while preventing the release of 19 pounds of carbon dioxide from a vehicle.


GrüneStrasse aspires to use up to 80% organic materials or recyclables in its products to encourage sustainable and eco-friendly production.

the brand story

GrüneStrasse Backpack Company was born out of a desire to produce all-weather, safety-enhanced backpacks for fearless Bike to Work and Micromobility commuters. GrüneStrasse—which means “green street” in German—is an ode to the bike to work movement and a holistic way of sustainable living. The GrüneStrasse brand is not just about creating the best accessories for bike riders; we believe that this way of thinking, acting, and behaving will ultimately benefit ourselves, our communities, and the world around us.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Finding the right backpack for your commute is harder than it seems. With thousands of brands, models, colors, and styles, the selection can be overwhelming.  Despite myriad models and options, there is not a single bag devoted to the bicycle or micromobility commuter and their one-day use requirements. 

After looking for a solution for over a decade, the GrüneStrasse team set out to design, build, and sell a commuter bag specifically designed for the requirements of biking to and from work.  No longer will inadequate equipment prevent commuters from biking to work on a regular basis.



Teaspoons of change


Small Actions X Lots of People = BIG Change

Teaspoons of Change encourages a mindset that every small action -or teaspoon- contributes to big issues and goals. Most people are on board with making the world a better place, but few really recognize that their small action has the power to make positive contributions. The Teaspoons of Change concept drives GrüneStrasse. Every single bike ride is a teaspoon of change for the rider, of course, but also for the local environment. One person riding to work doesn’t change much; but hundreds riding to work is noticeable; and thousands of people riding to work has the potential for significant positive change.

Our Teaspoons of Change Corporate Grant Program is devoted to returning 5% of profits back to the biking community for bike-friendly initiative or environmental causes. 


The GrüneStrasse Team

Aaron Weiss, Founder & CEO

 GrüneStrasse was founded by retired U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Weiss in January 2019. As a junior officer, Aaron began biking to work and continued bike commuting during assignments in Washington DC, North Carolina, Japan, and Southern California.  During a period of quiet in his first combat tour of Iraq in 2006, Aaron wrote down his plans for a backpack for bicycle commuters and continued to tinker with the idea for the next 13 years.  Following his retirement from the Marines and in support of his wife’s career in the State Department, he joined his family in Hanoi, Vietnam.  After arriving in Vietnam, he set out to build a bicycle commuter backpack and established the GrüneStrasse Backpack Co, LLC.

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